Monday, April 25, 2011

All talk, but very little action

I am still unpacking from the move and on Saturday my printer and desk things finally came out of their boxes.  Which means I can finally take and more importantly transfer pictures from my camera to my computer to post!  I actually am going to post my very first tutorial/recipe this week.  I'm really excited but slightly nervous because I didn't even think about making it a tutorial until I was halfway done.  But, I think I can make it work(ish?)

My home is currently 80% unpacked (if you don't count all of the stuff in the garage, which right now, I'm choosing to believe does not exist and will do so until my hubby deals with it or one of our neighbors sees it and calls the HOA.  We found out after we moved in that the HOA does not allow storage in the garage where the car's park. We do have a closet and cabinets for storage in the garage however.  PLEASE don't tell the HOA that we have tons of unbroken down boxes and multiple things just chilling there waiting for a new home.  Blogger fail: no picture sorry!

This week I have tons more to do, but I think I may actually feel ok about taking some pictures of my still not quite unpacked home and actually *gulp* post them.  This blog is about my journey and me learning to be better, so you all seeing my imperfections is part of it.