Monday, April 18, 2011

The move and what didn't happen...

I will do a full recap of our move soon, complete with pictures, but let me just tell you right now moving is crazy.  Let me fill you in on a few things that didn't happen to us (and by that I mean totally did):

We did not at 10pm the night before moving run out of boxes.  I most certainly did not run out and dumpster dive for some more behind a local store.

An hour later, we didn't run out of packing tape, and my poor exhausted hubby didn't run out to the 24 hour walmart to find some more.

My husband didn't have a job interview at 2am for a newspaper delivery job THE DAY of the move, only to find out that the original times he was told for the job, were incorrect and conflicted with his other job.

We most certainly didn't get only 4 hours of sleep the night before the move, nor did we have a baby who though that 6am would be a good time to be giggly and playful.

There were not over 60 boxes stacked on our front patio by ourselves and friends.  We do not have that much stuff.  Nope, not us!

The trailer we rented didn't take 3 full trips to move stuff from our old place to our new place.  Nor is there still about a car full of things still at our old place.

Our baby didn't only take 2 20 minute naps on Friday, nor did he fight sleep with every ounce in his body all day Saturday and Sunday.  He also didn't wake up after mom finally got him down on Saturday 40 minutes later to a shattering butter dish.  (way to go mom)

I also then didn't leave the glass on the floor for hours because we didn't leave our broom and any possible means of picking up the glass at the old apartment.

We also remembered to check the fridge and freezer settings before moving in food, and didn't end up with frozen water and soft ice cream.

As you can see we had a fun and busy weekend.  There is still chaos in our place and we are still trying to sort it all out.

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