Thursday, May 5, 2011

Pizza rolls and pockets

My husband LOVES pizza.  I would have to say that this was my one big craving during my pregnancy.  Thankfully pizza hut was offering ANY pizza ANY way you wanted it for $10, or we may just have gone broke! I honestly can only handle pizza once a week tops (unless I am pregnant apparently).  Here is a fun "pizza like" dinner that we enjoy having on occasion.  It really is easy, and if you have kids I'm sure they would love it!

Simply preheat your oven to 350 and gather the following supplies:
A baking sheet
Non stick spray
Crescent rolls
Pizza Sauce (I recommend the squeeze kind shown below it makes it SOOO easy!)
Mozzarella Cheese

Spray your baking sheet with the non stick spray and separate out the crescent triangles.  For the rolls put  a row of sauce down the middle, if you are making pockets only put sauce on half of them.  We are making both here; 4 rolls and 2 pockets.
Then you add the toppings, ohh the toppings, aren't they the best part of pizzas?

Cheese and pepperonis, yum!  Then for the rolls, start at the fat end of the triangle and roll towards the small pointy end, like so.

For the pockets, place the non-topping triangle on top of the topping filled one, and press the sides down.

Your baking sheet should look like this:

Also, scrape as much of the extra cheese off the sheet as possible.  It makes for less burnt smell and more delicious pizza-like smell from your oven.  Then simply place the sheet into your oven for 15 minutes and you are done!


I originally got these recipes from the Pillsbury website, they are slightly modified for our families preferences. pockets are here and rolls here.


  1. Oooh, I want to make these! I wonder if that pizza sauce squeeze is available here in TX. I could see myself making many a pizza-type item with that! This reminds me of my favorite little treat: white trash puffs. The name may not be PC, but it is so YUUUMMM! :D

    1. White trash puffs sound interesting. I'd love to see the recipe for them.