Thursday, June 9, 2011

So long and farewell

My beloved computer has bit the dust.  It will cost $1,000 to fix which means there is practically no point.  Except a new one will cost $1,800.  We don't really have the money to fix it right now.  We are waiting on a few things and we will see what happens, but I very much doubt that I will be replacing or fixing my beloved Mac Book Pro any time soon.  This means that unfortunately my blogging will be more challenging.  *sigh.  I have so many great post planed for some projects and recipes I have completed recently.  I just wish that I could share them with you.  Soon I will be able to, we just have to install a driver on my hubby's computer, so I can upload photo's and then I have to figure out how to run down to Starbucks to post my posts.  We don't have internet at home, (it cost a ridiculous amount) so I used to just create my posts and upload them when at work.  Hopefully this situation will be fixed soon.  I also am hoping to successfully transfer all of my old data to an external hard drive.  I know the data is good, and there (as I pulled some of it off already that I needed for work this week) but we have to format our new external hard drive and run it through a borrowed mac to pull off my whole life.  

Word to the wise, back up your computers often. 

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