Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Far from perfect...

This blog is not about having a perfect home, its about reality.  My reality for the last few months has not been pretty.  In fact, it has been rather embarrassing.  If I were to post pictures of what my home looked like now, you would not only call me homemaking challenged but most likely a homemaking disaster, beyond hope.  I really do want to get back on track, to be able to actually improve my home for my family.  I have been doing a lot of thinking as to what falls under the category of homemaking.

Here are some things that I feel very strongly are a big part of it:
1. Managing the home (things like keeping a calender, cleaning, laundry, anything that needs keeps your family going)
2. Feeding the family (cooking, shopping and what not)
3. Improving the home (organizing, decorating, home improvements etc)
4. Crafting and creating (Making gifts, and usable home items for yourself and/or others, DIY projects)
5. Home finances (the unfun stuff like paying bills, budget, and finding ways to save money.

Bonus things: Hostessing, apron wearing, flawless decorating, pearl and high heal wearing, always put together, puts the "wow" factor into everything.  (I could go on, but the list would just get longer and sillier). 

I feel like these are five key areas, all of which I need to improve on.  As a working mom, it is unrealistic in my home for me to do all of these five things, all of the time perfectly.  Then again, this isn't about perfection.  This is the journey of one woman, attempting to overcome being homemaking challenged.  I am striving to improve these five areas of my life, find new friends in the blogging world to learn from, and possibly as I show my life on this blog show other moms, that it is OK to fail, it is OK for your home to not be perfect all the time.  There others out there struggling trying to make our homes better, with out a huge budget or a ton of time.  I hope that this journey will inspire others (and keep me inspired) to become less homemaking challenged.


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