Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Cleaning a glass top stove

I will admit it.  I am a gas stove top girl.  I was very hesitant when we first moved into this place because it had a glass top stove.  Our property manager gave us some special cleaning solution for it, but to be honest, it never worked really well.  I hated it.  Honestly it was HORRIBLE, it took me over an hour of scrubbing to get the thing clean with the smallest of spills.  I gave up. Let me tell you, giving up on our stove top leads to it looking like this... (please no judgment)

I honestly couldn't take it anymore.  I asked a friend what I could do other than scrubing and killing my arms and using gross smelling chemical products.  Let me tell you, she is AMAZING when it comes to green cleaning.  I am a sceptic, and I admit, I would rather use a strong chemical cleaner and do less scrubbing than use a weak green one and end up scrubbing a ton.  However, she assured me that this strategy would involve less scrubbing time, and I though it was worth a shot.  I took a bowl of hot water and regular dish soap and soaked a towel big enough to cover my stovetop.  (I apologize for the bad pictures, my camera did something funky and I have no clue what happened!)

 Allow the cloth to soak for a few minutes and cover the stove top with baking soda, then wring out the towel so that it is damp, but not soaked, and lay it over the entire stove top.

Then comes the best part, set the timer for 15 minutes, and walk away.  Thats right, put your feet up, (or deal with the pile of dishes you have been ignoring) and let the baking soda do its magic.
 When the timer goes off, use the towel to wipe (maybe a little scrubbing) and shine your stove top.
 I had baking soda in the crevasses when I was done, so I just used a q-tip to clean it up really quick.
 And VOILA!  Your stove top looks shiny, and AMAZING.
 Just look at this! Isn't it so pretty!!!

Here is a picture in picture of the before and after

I promise this took less work than any commercial cleaner I have used, and had much better results!  Hope that this will help you all in your home cleaning!


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  1. Hey thanks for the tip! I 've used baking soda, but not with the towel and waiting 15 min. And hate wasting money on those cleaners that don't work so well :)

    1. Hope it works as good for you as it did for me! Thanks for visiting!

  2. I got one of those stove tops too after growing up with the gas version, and they are a bugger! I clean almost exclusively with baking soda, vinegar and Charlies Soap, but never thought to let it sit with a towel. Thanks for sharing the bad so we good get in on the good!

    1. Thanks for stoping by my blog! I grew up with a gas stove as well, when we buy a home, I will be getting a gas stove again for sure!

  3. The magical power of baking soda does it again! Baking soda really has this amazing ingredient that makes it the best friend of people going green. But to my amazement, it works on glass stove tops as well! Really great post here! No more hours of scrubbing and harsh smelling chemicals! :)

    Nohemi Tutterrow

  4. I would trade you for your glass top stove in a heartbeat! Haha. They're just so much easier to clean than the electric ones since you don't have to deal with cleaning around burners and all that.

    Jeff @ Calgary Cleaner

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