Sunday, January 29, 2012

Meal planing

I am horrible at meal planing.  The weeks I do plan, we NEVER and I mean NEVER stay on them.  Something always comes up, work wise or my family just isn' "feeling" the particular meal that day.  It really is a challenge.  The last thing I want to deal with at 5:15/5:30 when I get home is trying to figure out what to make for dinner.  My amazing husband has been doing much of the cooking the last few months.  I am very grateful to him for that, and I have been trying to get back on the wagon.  I am so exhausted when I get home from work, and on the days I'm home from chasing after my rambunctious toddler.  I desperately need QUICK and EASY dinners that don't come out of a box.  Every recipe I have found, isn't as quick and easy as it claims, nor is it something that my husband is fond of.  It is something I have struggled with during our marriage.  He would rather just eat ramen, hamburger helper, and mac and cheese.  Our family needs more recipes, that are simple and easy.  Any suggestions?  What are your favorite family meals?


  1. I know I am a little late, but I just stumbled across your blog. I have two children with Autism, and my husband and I face the same challenges. Every one of us has such different tastes that it is extremely frustrating when I try and come up with "family" meals. I, too, struggle with meal planning as my husband travels and can be called out of town last minute. I rarely eat left overs and we usually use that for his lunches for the week. So, let me tell you what I do. I crock pot. This gets me out of a lot. If it is already cooking, then that is what we are having. If we have to eat at 6 or eat at 8 because something came up, then it is still ready to eat. And I try and plan at least a day ahead of time. And then, if someone doesn't want what I make, then they can make themselves something different. Can I plan a week out? No way. We aren't that structured, and that is saying something with a house with two Autistic kids. LOL We actually ARE structured, just not when it comes to food. I feel it is a battle that I don't want to fight. I often cook what I want or make something that my husband wants, and that is the end of it. I have been known to make him a huge pot of something, and then I have a salad or a sandwich because I don't want it. But it works for us. Hopefully that will help you a little. And as far as recipes go, check out Pinterest, check out, and check out food blogs. That is where I get my recipes from, and then I alter them to save me time and money. :)

    1. Helen,

      Thanks so much for your reply and welcome to my blog! I can't imagine trying to plan out a week of food with 2 autistic kids. I completely understanding not wanting to fight that battle. Part of my problem is my hubby is a picky eater, and I end up eliminating 98% of the recipes I find because I know he wont even try them. I'm so glad that you have had more luck with pintrest and than I have. Thanks so much for stopping by :)

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