Monday, February 27, 2012

Update #3 for Challenge

This month has been a great one, as I have been accomplishing one of my BIG goals for the month though a challenge found here.  I am finally tackling our master bedroom.  Our room has become a basic dumping ground over the last year.  It is the place where extra boxes end up, where things that we don't have room for find a space on the floor.  No more!  I am so excited about my progress, I don't want to reveal too much, but I will show you all some of the amazing progress I have been making.  Here is my before post, as well as another update I did.  The big reveal will be coming in just a few short days, and I can't wait!

I focused on the closet this week.  My hubby and I don't have a walk in closet, or even a large closet.  We share a normal, standard size closet.  This is what it looked like before:
Then I emptied my hubby's side and sorted all of the items onto the bed:
 I had him go through it to decide what he wanted to keep, and what he wanted to get rid of.  I did the same thing with my side of the closet.  Though I will admit to purging less, only because I am pregnant and before I got pregnant this time, I still hadn't lost all of the baby weight from the first (they will be 18 months apart).  So I'm keeping the majority of my clothing until I return to normal size.  I did get rid of several pices

I also spent a little money to replace our laundry hamper.  This thing had 2-3 tears in it, and was being held together with zip ties.  I will hand it to my hubby for the creativity of helping the hamper last as long as it did, but i am so happy to replace it with a $10 one from Target that matches our room and style a bit better.  I'm not really counting this as spending money, because lets face it, we were going to have to replace it anyways, well see for your self.
Please tell me you notice that the bottom rim is no longer connected to the rest of the hamper... ya, it was time.  Now it looks much nicer (and less "college-y")

The best part is, the inside liner comes out with handles, which is a fantastic thing when you have to transport your laundry weekly to another location.

Another touch we added this week, I am SOOO excited about, I wasn't going to share it until the end, but honestly I am too excited.  I will just give you a small taste of it, because for me, this is a BIG deal.
Our bed has never had a head board.  We just have rails and a box spring, very boring I know.  Well several months ago (like September) two of my dear friends moved and were selling much of their stuff.  Because I was not in the financial state to purchase anything, and I was going to be seeing them the day they moved out, I offered to take some items off their hands, if they had not been sold.  I ended up with a folding screen.  I LOVE and have always LOVED folding screens.  I think it comes from my love of old movies when they changed behind them.  Well I decided that we could use this as a head board.  It has been sitting in the "corner of shame" for several months waiting for its home... well it has finally happened.  Here is the result...

It's not a perfect match I know, but it makes the room feel SOOOO much better.  I feel like I have a grown up bed finally!!!

This would not be a true update if I were not to share a step backwards that happened this week.  I did have my "corner of shame" looking SOOO much better, it was almost completely cleared out.  Just needed to find a spot for hubby's extra drawers (which will most likely end up in the closet once we finish getting rid of it.

I came home the other day, to find out that that corer had grown, it now looks like this...
I told hubby that all of his clothes needed to fit either in his drawers or the closet.  He agrees and is trying to "figure it out".  I also gently reminded him of my deadline and how I have Tuesday night blocked out to decorate and put the finishing touches on the room.  All I can say is if they aren't neatly in a drawer or hanging up by Tuesday night, hubby may be searching through the bags in the garage that are going to our church garage sale, which is conveniently in 2 weeks.

Well that is my current progress, I still have a few items to find storage solutions for that WORK for us.  But we took 3-5 steps forward and only a baby step back, so overall I feel successful!



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    1. Thanks! I'm really excited about the progress and the big reveal later this week!