Thursday, March 1, 2012

March Goals

I would like to say that I can't believe that the month of February is already gone and March is here!  It went by SOOOO fast!    In February I shared some simple goals with you all that I was going to try and succeed in this last month, lets see how I did my goals were:
...  Cook 6 meals from scratch for my family, 2 of which will be new recipes. (spaghetti doesn't count)
... Complete one creative project
... Re-organize/de-cluter one space in my home (see this challenge)

Well I am going to be VERY honest, this month got away from me, and only one of the goals was completely successful.  I was able to completely de-clutter our master bedroom.  This was a HUGE project and I am so glad that I was successful in it!  A HUGE thanks to the Organizing Junkie for putting out a challenged that helped keep me motivated and accountable!  While none of the following are excuses, I don't want you to think that I'm a TOTAL flake for only doing one of my goals this month, so here are the things that happened.

My 15 month old got pneumonia.  We had an insane week trying to keep him out of the hospital, going to the doctor everyday, working crazy hours and trying to find child care since he had to stay out of daycare the entire week.

My extended family was in town.  We ate at my parents house at least 8-10 meals (usually it is 1-2 per month)

My husband did't work the last 2.5 weeks of the month.  We have a rule, if you aren't working, you get to cook your pregnant wife who did work all day dinner.

Most of them ended up affecting my first goal.  But this is a new month and a new start with new (or repeated) goals!

Here are my NEW(ish) goals for March!

Cook 6 meals from scratch for my family
Complete one creative project
Blog at least 18 times this month

So here is to a new month, a fresh start and new goals!



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