Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring Cleaning

I have been deep into spring cleaning around here.  Combine spring cleaning with nesting a = me being a crazy cleaning lady.  My list keeps growing, but things just keep getting done.  With a toddler to wrangle, and battling swollen feet due to the pregnancy things have been going a bit slower than I'd like but there is progress!  This week I...

Cleaned all the doors, baseboards, and closet doors in our home, they now shine, and don't have grubby toddler hand prints!
We aslo striped and washed the couch covers.  It is amazing that we didn't notice how dirty they were until we put them back on clean.  The couch looked ridiculous with out the covers on though, seriously have you guys looked at your couches without covers?

I aslo scrubbed the floors and moved furniture to do it.

I also cleaned up Max's room to try and make more space for his sister's stuff.  it was not as successful as I would have hoped, but I think with a bit more re-aranging I can make it work (I hope).

I also washed the "extras" you know that laundry that NEVER gets done.  Such as the highchair cover, carseat cover etc.  So nice to have these things look like new again!

Next up this week...
Spotting the carpets (assuming this new awesome product I ordered shows up on time)
Cleaning out and scrubbing the fridge
Wiping down the appliances
Windows and blinds

What is on your spring cleaning list?


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