Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Goals

This month, my goals are more simple as we will most likely have a ton going on this month.  I'm not quite ready to share our hopefully soon to be exciting news as we have a few more ducks to get in order.  However my goals are hopefully going to help us to ahead financially a little as we have loosened our belts a bit too much the last 3 months.  The largest area that we are bleeding money where we shouldn't be is in the area of food, therefore my goals this month are all food related.

This month I dare to...

... actually meal plan and tame our crazy grocery bill, which has slowly been creeping higher than it should the past few months.
... NO fast food!  We are going to attempt to not eat out at ALL this month.  The only exception will be my birthday dinner date with my hubby.
... Not drive myself crazy with finances.  This will be the hardest, for sure.

It isn't that we have been going backwards, we just need to tighten the belt a bit.  As you may (or may not as I'm sure not everyone who reads this are diehard fans) we are expecting a little bundle of joy at the end of May.  Which means we need to adjust our spending to be able to accommodate the extra mouth to feed.  We are just practicing, but this category is going to be extra hard for me being pregnant and having cravings.  Hopefully we can stick to our guns!

What will you dare to do this month?



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