Friday, April 20, 2012



So I skipped my very 1st blogiversary last Friday, which is "officially" April 13th  I had it on my calendar, I was going to do a post, but honestly, I don't feel like its really an anniversary.  You see, I really didn't start regularly posting here until this past January (hey an New Year's Goal I actually kept!).  However, I would be remiss if I didn't do "something", because it is a milestone.  My something is to share with you a few things I have learned about bloging this last year.

1) Set up a time to blog, and stick too it.
I am notorious for scheduling my time, and then allowing something to change my entire plan.  I have worked really hard to guard my bloging time so that there are actually posts on here.  I have 2 nights a week that I set aside for blogging, and then I create several of my posts during that time, then schedule them to post throughout the week.  This allows me to not blog on the days that I work 12 hours, and to maximize my family time.

2) Have something to blog about
There are many weeks, when I fall short of this.  I don't cook as much, or forget to take pictures.  My craft projects are piled up in the land of "halfway done" and I don't want to share them with you until I can do a full post of the project form start to finish.  I am working to create more substantial original posts for you to enjoy, but I also know that me being honest with where I am, is important.  Perhaps it even comforts a few of you to know that you are not the only one who falls short.

3) Read other blogs
If you blog, you should read others as well.  This not only helps you get a feel of the community but commenting and talking with other bloggers actually helps you feel apart of it.  It also allows you to build relationships and gather readers when you participate in things like blog parties, and allows you to get fresh ideas that can inspire you.

4) Be flexible
I try and plan out several posting for the week, I know I can't post everyday at this junction in my life.  I also have experienced times when writers block hits me and I can't put one letter in front of another to share what I wanted to.  I have also tried a few weekly series which I felt really flopped.  I'm hoping that Menu Monday's will stay, but then again it's all about being flexible.

5) Be Yourself
This last, but certainly not least lesson has been hard for me.  It is hard to be yourself, to allow others you don't even know to see your true self.  However, it is the only way to blog.  This blog is a part of me and my journey, if I wasn't honest, and raw, I couldn't be myself. It makes my posts more real and a ton easier to write when I am completely myself.  Spastic and all.

There are many more things I have learned this past year in bloging, but these are the ones I wanted to share with you today.  Thanks for being here!


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