Monday, April 16, 2012

Breakfast the easy way! Part one

My family LOVES breakfast!  Bacon, pancakes, french toast, waffles, cinnamon rolls the whole nine yards.  Unfortunately there usually are not enough mornings when we have the time to get these on the table, so every once in awhile, we will do a backwards breakfast, or as some call it breakfast for dinner.

We love bacon, however I hate standing over a stove and grilling it, while I'm trying to grill pancakes or french toast.  So here is a way to cook bacon in the oven.

Simply line a baking sheet with foil and lay out the bacon, and place it into a UNHEATED oven.
 Turn the oven up to 400 degrees, and let it cook for 9-11 minutes.  Everyones oven heats up at a different pace, so you may have to cook longer or even less time.  Watch it carefully and when it is just shy of the crispiness you want, pull it out of the oven and immediately transfer the bacon to paper towels to absorb the greece.

Voila!  You have fantastic bacon the easy way!

The 1st time I cooked my bacon this way, my husband (the bacon critic of this house) said that this bacon was "good" and "works" but there is "something about frying bacon that this can't beat."  He also has stated that he was completely fine with me making bacon this way in the future.

Hope that this helps make breakfast meals go a bit smother in your home.



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