Monday, April 16, 2012

Meal Plan Monday

This week, we are trying to use up some of the things that we have, so umm yes, it is an interesting menu

Monday: Chicken w/ Rice and Broccoli

Tuesday: Micowave meat and pasta roni (this is the week where both my hubby and I have evening activities so we need something super fast as we have less than a 45 minute turn around for both of us).

Wednesday: Pasta Night

Thursday: Taco Night

Friday: Pizza rolls

Saturday: DATE NIGHT!  (Seriously so excited about this, it is also my b-day dinner so that make it extra nice)

Sunday: Family Dinner at my parents

That is what we are hopefully going to eat this week, but you know, around our place the key word is FLEXIBLE.  There are nights when it just doesn't happen or we are so exhausted we just grab some mac 'n cheese or Ramon.  However, we are trying to do better.  Also, our food expenses this month are WAY down.  If you haven't tried meal planing to help your budget out, I HIGHLY recommend it!

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