Monday, April 9, 2012

The silence...

I honestly am BURSTING at the seams to tell you all so really big news.  However, I am currently not "allowed" to.  My hubby and I have decided to wait until everything was final before making our news public.  It is big and exiting.  I seriously feel like a little kid who has to keep my hands clamped over my mouth so that I wont say anything.  Saying nothing is easier than talking and avoiding the one thing you want to share so badly but you can't.  I've never been good with secrets or surprises.  This one is killing me.  However, I am convinced to make it with out sharing before it is time.  *sigh.  I will try to not be so silent, I will try to continue posting and talking about my brilliant homemaking skills and give you all some more ideas.  However know that it is hard for me to, without sharing a bit more than I'm able to at this point. 

Also, I am going to post my meal plan tomorrow, as today my wonderful Mother and Sister in-law are visiting us, and we will be enjoying an evening out.  Yeah for one less meal for me too cook, and getting to go out to eat.  This no fast food thing is harder than it seems and we are only on day 9!  Honestly last night was especially hard.  We had a FANTASTIC Easter lunch at my moms, and ended up staying until 7pm.  The baby boy got fed, but mommy and daddy didn't.  I worked from 7am - 1pm when we went strait to my mom's.  After tons of family and fun, I'm not going to lie, this prego lady was swollen and hurting. The last thing myself, or my hubby (after being subjected to my family all afternoon) wanted to do was cook dinner.  Normally we would have ordered a pizza.  However, my hubby rose to the occasion and made me a grilled cheese and something else for himself.  We can make it work this month, we WILL make it work!  Why is it so hard?


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