Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The struggle

 Have you looked at homes, and ever gotten home envy?  They look amazing, spotless, and welcoming all at the same time.  When looking for ideas for my home, I often look at these "perfect" homes and get some major home envy.  I desperately want my home to feel inviting, I want my home to look like those ones do.  I mean, who wouldn't want their home to look like these pictures:

Sadly, if you have been reading my blog, you have seen how my living room ACTUALLY looks, most of the time, due to my destructive amazing son.

I know that part of it is the stage of life, where we are letting practical overrule design (ie having a huge white and red plastic toy box in our living room).  Honestly my sweet boy's room is too small for him to really play in, and we spend the majority of our time in the living room so it makes sense to have the majority of his toys out her.  I miss the days when they were smaller, and fit into my cute little basket on the bottom of the book shelf.

I don't want you to miss the all important heart of this post, because here it is...

I need to be content

I'm going to say that again.  I need to be content with...

...where we are in our stage of life
...our current limitations for decorating (time, financial, practical) amazing home, that is a home because we live there, not because of how it looks.

I know that this is a "for now" content, and that these things are going to change, then I can use my discontent as motivation to change, when I have the proper tools to do it.  For now, this is where we are, this is what I have to work with.  Honestly, I love our family and wouldn't change it for anything.  Right now, I need to be thankful that we have furniture (even if it is mostly hand-me downs), thankful that we have a roof over our head, thankful for what we have, and not discouraged by what we don't.

I want to encourage you in that today readers.  Be thankful for what you do have, not discouraged by what you don't.

If anyone has any suggestions, I'd be happy to hear them.


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