Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Big News

I can not tell you how excited I am to finally be announcing this on my blog.  We have kept it slightly on the down low, because it isn't 100% yet but I can not hold it in any longer...

Not just are we moving, but this is the exciting part.  WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!!  Our 1st home, we are now a week (or so) away from closing.  It is driving me NUTS in this "waiting" phase of escrow.  We have done EVERYTHING on our end, we are just waiting for the sellers to finish repairs, the inspections to happen and to sign on the dotted line.  May I just add that I am due in less than two weeks with our second baby.  Buying a house, moving and having a baby all with in a 2 week period is, beyond crazy.  We were SUPPOSED to close 2 weeks ago, and I was going to share pictures of our new home with you, but as with all repairs, they are taking longer than expected.

So this is why I have been so quite, I'm secretly going crazy trying to figure out what to pack when, getting paperwork that never ends together and trying to prepare for our new baby.  I should also mention that we are having a home birth, which implies having a home to actually birth a child.

Needless to say, being 38 weeks pregnant and dealing with all of this, means this blog may be suffering  bit in the near future.  Still love all of you my readers, and I promise that once I get through the move and birth and a bit settled there will be a big reader appreciation (ie give aways!)  So please stay with me.




  1. Yay! congratulations!!! I moved when I was 37 weeks preggers and homebirthed too. How funny that you will be doing the same. Let others move and unpack your stuff. Blessings to you and congratulations on the house!!!!

    1. Thanks! So funny that you moved at 37 weeks and had a home birth too! We are really just hoping to close before the end of the month, otherwise we will be completely homeless. Or the baby to come this week, then we wont have to worry about a place to have her. I plan on letting others do all the heavy lifting. Thankfully we have friends willing to help out.