Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Looking For Give Away Ideas or Items

First, yes, I'm still here and still pregnant.  Hopefully this little lady will show her face soon, as I am getting slightly impatient and ready to be done being pregnant and onto the new adventure of being a working mom of two.

Second (and the whole reason for this posting)... At some point in June (after baby comes and things settle in a bit more), I will be doing my very first Reader Appreciation week!  This means there will be a week full of giveaways and surprises just for all of you fabulous readers!  Since this will be my very first time doing a giveaway I thought that I would allow my readers to throw out suggestions as to things they would like to win.  Please note that I am on a budget, so prize values will not be high but I am open to suggestions from you.  Perhaps a Starbucks card?  A book?  A new car? (sorry got carried away that one is NOT in the budget).

I am also accepting applications for possible free items to give away from you.  If you have a store or product you personally make and or sell please contact me if you would be interested in donating an item (or free credit) to your store in return for some free advertising here on my blog.

Can't wait to shower all of you with some love next month!  Let me know what you would like to win.



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