Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Goals

The month of April has completely passed me by so fast that I hardly had a chance to breath.  I tried to make easy goals, ones that I could keep and actually succeed at that would help my family.  You can read my April goals here.  We actually did REALLY well with all of the goals this month.  I didn't get 100% on all of them however, there was significant improvement in all 3 areas.  We only ate out a few times.  We did perfect for the 1st 2 weeks.  We didn't eat out AT ALL then I spend 12 hours in the ER w/ my son and when we finally left (after 9pm) we stopped to get dinner at a drive thru.  We classified this as an "exception" and we had a few other circumstances that were unexpected and called for fast food through out the month, but we dropped our food expenses, both grocery and eating out by 64% which I will call a huge success in this area!  I will admit I had many days worrying about finances, however I found a peace about it part way through the month that helped me not to stress out about them so much.

This month I am going to again make simple goals that I can meet.  It is also very possible probable (yikes!) that I have my sweet baby girl sometime this month (due May 31).  Here are my goals for May:

Prepare for baby
Prepare for baby
Prepare for baby
Secret goal*

 * If you remember that one thing I told you about, that I wasn't allowed to share yet? Well things are moving MUCH slower than we thought they would.  So I am unfortunately not at a point yet where I can share it with you all.  Trust me, I am dying inside and will have a TON of posts surrounding this big thing as soon as it is firmed up.  However, we are still in flux, and I have promised my hubby to keep my lips sealed on the whole even until such a time as where it becomes more firm.  I am working on it though I promise!

Also, I think preparing for a new life in our home is quite a bit to do for this month, so that is what I am going to focus on.  Our new little bundle of joy!  I seriously can't wait to meet her, but am in no way ready for her to come.  So little one, feel free to stay inside and keep making mommy uncomfortable for a while longer. 


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