Sunday, May 13, 2012

My Gallery Wall Part 1

I have been sitting on this project for awhile now.  I wanted to wait until it was 100% complete, however I think that I will go ahead and share our progress as it is now.  For a long time I have been working on a fun wall to display pictures in a unique way.  I wanted it to be the focus point of our  home and somewhere that when people walked in they would know what we as a family were all about.  I did a ton of research and looked at tons of different gallery walls.  I decided that for me, I liked uniformity but eclectic.  In order to accomplish the look I wanted I knew that I wanted my wall to have set boundaries, so that while it would look random, it would still have an area.  I like calling it controlled chaos.  I measured and then placed painter's tape on the wall to mark the area I had to work with.

I then took the frames I wanted to use and traced them on newspapers so that I could play around withe where I wanted to place them.  I also marked where the nails were so that when I placed them on the wall, I would know where to place the nails so that I would know where to place the nails so they would hang where I wanted them to.

I enlisted the help of my hubby to actually put the nails in the wall, he is better at things like that.  Plus, I am a complete klutz and would end up pounding my finger instead of the nail.

We then placed the frames on the wall.  I liked it, but knew that it wasn't quite ready.  I wanted to make all the frames the same color, so that while the frames were all different colors, styles and sizes they had the same look.

Stay tuned for more on this project.



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