Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Gallery Wall part 3

For the center piece of the wall, I wanted words.  I wanted to make a statement about our family.  There are tons of great quotes, but as our family is strongly rooted in our faith, I chose to take some advice strait from the Bible.  One of my favorite passages is Deuteronomy 6:4-9 to be in line with the heart of this passage, my husband and I decided to take a paraphrased passage and place it on the wall.

 For this project I used to cricket cutter to cut out some vinyl, and again enlisted my hubby to help me put it up on the wall.

I used two different fonts and then laid it all out on the transfer paper to keep it even, and started placing it on the wall (with the help of my hubby, it was a two person job).

Here is what it looks like on the center of our wall.

I love the statement that this makes.  It is also the focal point of the wall.  Sadly, this is as far as I have come on the wall.  There is still much to do for it, I have two oval frames to put on either side of the words, I also have things to put into the frames...however for now it is on hold... (more details to come as to why).  Click here to see the 1st part or here to see the 2nd part of this wall.  What statement do your walls make?



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