Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Over my head...

Have you ever had 2 HUGE life events look like they will collide within two days of each other?  I'm talking HUGE events, things that change your life in a big way.  Like having a baby (which happens to be one of the two HUGE events in this case the other is the one I'm not allowed to share yet *sigh, but I wish I could!).  This month you may not see me around as much.  I'm honestly drowning in all of the changes and trying to prepare for them as much as humanly possible.  It isn't because I don't love sharing my triumphs and failures with you all, it is just that with so much going on, I need to focus on my family and me and the things that have to get done for these changes.  I'm not saying I will not post at all this month, or that I'm taking a full on break.  I'm just saying that with things as up in the air and as crazy as they are, I'm not sure what to expect this month.  I hope that is OK.  I really do appreciate my readers, and am planing on doing a reader appreciation week coming up sometime this summer when the dust settles. 

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