Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Sneak Peak at Our New Home (part 1)

Good morning all!

Yes, I am still here, our little princess has decided that she will be rather tardy in making her appearance.  However, I am not going to let that spoil my fun.  We did our walk through yesterday of our new home.  While we are STILL waiting an official move date (it is KILLING us, believe me!) we are trying to sign off on every possible paperwork on our end.  I though that I would share a few peaks into our fabulous fixer-upper home.  It is a DIY dream, by that I mean, it is completely livable but needs some updating.  It was built in the 60's and the most resent owner was elderly and most likely disabled, so many basic updates/maintenance issues had not been taken care of.  They are all minor, but add up to years of fun projects!

We will start with the bathrooms...
Here is the hall bath.  Please note that there is not an actual bathtub faucet but a hose that comes out of the wall.  Again, a $50 fixture will make it "normal" again, but still I find it comical.  Obviously a "dated" bathroom, but it is something we can (and will have to) live with for awhile until we can update it.  However it is functional with a tub for the kiddos so that is all we cared about.

Here is an over view of the Mater bath.  It's layout is a bit odd, but still functional and more than twice the size of our current bathroom.  Please tell me you see that "Fabulous" wall paper?  Need a close up...
 Here it is, just for you.  This is in the ENTIRE master bathroom... fun print no?  Any guesses as to how fast this one goes? (the answer is before we start living there)

 Now on to the bedrooms  
While we know that we are going to have opposite gender kids, we still purchased a 2 bedroom home.  The reasons being that they can share for awhile, and there are two fairly simple solutions to converting our 2 bedroom back into a 3 bedroom (as in it used to be a 3 bedroom but someone wanted a huge master) and just knocked down a wall.

Here is the master bedroom.  The door you see on your left leads into the master bathroom and the sliding glass door out to the patio.

This is a shot of me standing in the closet (sorry, pictures are way to blurry to show, I will have to retake them later), towards the rest of the bedroom.  It is shaped like an L (so the sliding door/patio is to the left and the bathroom behind me) and was originally 2 separate rooms.  Look at it like the 1st picture was originally one room and then this picture was originally the other.
Now on to the small in size kitchen. 

While it is "small" it is larger than any kitchen I have had the last 3 years (all galley style), so I claim that as a win.  It is also old.  I mean, check out the stove top/oven.  It is getting replaced right away, in fact we have to reschedule delivery as we may not even be in the house when it comes.  *sigh, so ridiculous.  Anyways here is one half of the kitchen.
Here is the 2nd half of the kitchen.  The sink overlooks the back yard, (score for mom!) and we are hoping to install a dishwasher next to the fridge but that will depend on water lines and things like that, which we can't even look into until we actually take possession of the house.  We may have to install a portable one, which isn't the best situation, but I'm willing to live with it because as a working mom of soon to be two kids, I feel that it is a huge time saver so that I can spend more time with the kids and less doing dishes and sterilizing bottles.
This is the back part of the kitchen with tons of storage and a huge pantry.  These cupboards are deep, so I will be looking for fun ways to organize them while still making things accessible.  As you can see it also has a counter spot which I'm hoping to use to organize our family paperwork etc.  I can't wait to get started!

There is still more of this house to show you.  There is still the living/dining room, the sun room, the laundry room the garage and the outside.  I will however, leave that for another post.  We are so excited to actually get into this home, so that we can have a place.  We are also thankful that my parents are letting us crash for a few weeks while we do some fixing up type things with the house, such as get rid of the wall paper, repaint/texture and install new appliances.  It will be really nice to have some space and time to do all of that.  I also am blessed by the fact that I have a very mechanically minded hubby who can figure out how to fix just about anything and a father who is a general contractor and is going to do many of the repairs/painting and help us get this house more of a home. 

I am also excited to be starting with a blank slate to fill in and make this new house our home.  It has so much potential to be a great home for us, I can't wait to see that dream fulfilled and share the process with all of you.