Thursday, August 23, 2012


For longer than I will admit, I left our bathroom sink a disaster.  Keeping it real, I will should you a picture.

We moved in rather hastily, and I was using the hall bath to get ready because I didn't want to tackle this project.  I don't know why, but when things look big, I procrastinate.  It honestly really didn't take me that long.  MAYBE 10 minutes.  Why I waited (insert undisclosed amount of time that is ridiculous) to do this project I don't know.  However I feel sooooo much better now that it is done and I can actually use my bathroom sink instead of the hall sink.

For now it is functional, I for one can not wait to get rid of the horrid 70's decor.  The wall paper and fixtures HAVE to go!  However it is on the long list of projects we will have to do around this house for the next 5+ years that will keep us busy.

What project are you not doing?  Anything you are procrastinating doing?  My advice, just get in there and get it done!




  1. I still have a bunch of my toilitries in zip bags from when I went on vacation the first week in August LOL! I was good about not piling my stuff all over out TINY bathroom sink top, but now there are ziploc bags of toiletries, and the stuff that made it out is all over the counter. SHEESH! Also, sigh, I still have boxes to unpack from when I moved into this apartment...LAST SEPTEMBER. xD I am so going to do it, I SWEAR! Probably after we sign our lease renewal this month LMAO!

    1. It is so easy for it to pile up! You can do it! Tomorrow my monthly goals post will go up, and this time I'm adding a link party to help each other out! Perhaps you could make it a goal and join in! Thanks for the comments!