Monday, August 27, 2012

Menu Monday

I have decided that our lives are too hectic to try and plan meals to the day.  It never fails that SOMETHING happens and our plans go out the window and have to change.  So instead I have decided to meal plan in a different way.  I am going to plan to make 5 meals each week, but not determine what day we are going to have them.  This way I am still planing but have more flexibility with in my plan.  I can still grocery shop according to my meal plan, but I don't HAVE to make it on any particular day.  So here is what I am planing on making/eating this week:

Chicken Tortilla Bake (leftovers, I made it this weekend for lunch with a friend)
Cranberry chicken
Make Your Own Taco's (so I can use the leftover tortillas from the chicken bake)
Pasta w/ Alfredo
Pizza night

I'm thinking taco's sound good tonight, but then again, it's Monday and I may be exhausted by tonight and just go with the leftover option,  then again, my hubby may get home from work early and make the cranberry chicken for me.  It is so nice to have a plan with freedom. 

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