Friday, August 17, 2012

Quick weekend get away

Instead of doing the million things around my house that need to get done, unpacked and organized this weekend.  We went on a mini-vacation as a family.  My parents were staying at the beach and invited us to join them.  We also won Legoland tickets earlier this summer and since my parents were only 30 minutes away, we decided that it would be a perfect weekend trip.  Thursday afternoon we packed the kids up, and headed out on our two hour drive.

Thankfully baby girl slept the whole way and our son, is a pretty good traveler!

Friday we headed to Legoland.  I was disappointed with the lack of rides our toddler could go on, however there were tons of play areas AND we went to the water park. He had a blast!

Like father like son, building with legos
My sweet boy totally loved sitting on this bench with his new "friend"

When we got home, there was little food left as we hadn't gone shopping at all (was supposed to be done on Saturday) so we had a fantastic breakfast for dinner.

It was a great weekend, and nice to get out of the heat, one last time this summer.  Next weekend I am very exited that my Mother and Sister (in-laws) will be taking our sweet boy for the weekend (well Saturday/Sunday - Monday/Tuesday).  It will be nice to perhaps have a bit more time with hubby and baby girl, although I will miss him dreadfully!

Hope you have a fun few weekends before the summer ends!



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