Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The game closet...

If you know me and my hubby, we LOVE to play games!  I was brought up playing games as a family and we LOVED it.  At Thanksgiving and Christmas time our whole family will play Pinnacle together (it isn't an old person's game, I've been playing since I was 13).  Anyways, you'd better believe that finding a guy who enjoyed board/card games was high up on my list for a guy I could marry.  Luckily the guy I fell in love with, also loved games and as impossible as it may seem, loved them more than I do!

When we first looked at our new home, we LOVED the closet space.  My hubby immediately attempted to claim the linen closet as our new game closet.  You see, we had run out of storage space and there was a "no new games rule" that was in effect until we came up with a better storage solution.

Well, on move in day, hubby and 4 strongly male friends were moving all the big stuff, I was attempting to direct traffic making sure that boxes and furniture ended up in the right rooms, and I missed the fact that my hubby had placed all of the game boxes on the shelves in what is supposed to be the linen closet.  I went away busily unpacking the kitchen, (mind you I am also dealing with my sweet 3 week old baby and 19 month old toddler) so that we could perhaps be able to scrounge up some food.  Hubby's friends leave, and hubby starts to unpack other stuff.  About 2 hours later, I discovered that "other stuff" = our game collection into the linen closet.  He had it so nicely organized, that I couldn't say no.  It also had room for MORE games, (and he had birthday money burning a hole in his pocket) and was rather organized.  I couldn't say no, I mean look how great it looks.

 Here is what it looked like during our home clean out/ painting days

I think I will let the hubby keep the game closet (which may I had has already grown) as all of our games fit so nicely and we can easily open the closet when we have company to have them help select a game to play.  For those of you who are curious, yes, we really do play A LOT of games.  :)



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