Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Cranberry Chicken

This has always been one of my favorite recipes growing up.  It is really yummy and SUPER easy to make.  It works great as a "nicer dinner" but is also easy enough for every day.  You can make more easily for a large group as well.  It's great!  As always the full recipe is at the bottom to make it easy on you.

Here is a picture of the ingredients, just 4 things!  That's it!

Combine the Catalina, onion dip mix, and whole berry cranberry sauce in a bowl.

Mix well

Mix in chicken, and the dump in a 9'' x 13'' pan, make sure chicken is covered well

Bake for 45min - 1 hour

Serve with a delicious side, such as rice-a-roni and a salad and ENJOY!

It is a great and easy chicken dish.  It also makes GREAT leftovers, I always make extra.  One of my favorite things about this, is we buy frozen chicken tenders at Costco, and for this recipe we don't even have to defrost them!

Cranberry Chicken
12-15 Frozen Chicken tenders or 6-9 Frozen Chicken Breasts (you can add as many as you can fit and cover with the sauce mix)
1 Bottle of Catalina Dressing
1 package of Onion dip mix
1 Can whole cranberry sauce.

Mix ingredients into a large bowl, add chicken and cover completely.  Dump into a 9x13 pan and cook at 400 degrees for 45 - 60 minutes.



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