Friday, September 21, 2012

Working on the House with Grandpa

I am blessed to have a father who is a contractor and can help us do the millions of projects we have to do in this house.  I am extra blessed that my son, LOVES his grandpa.  My dad came over to take some measurements to install our dishwasher, and hang some new smoke alarms, of course my sweet boy had to help!

Honestly, I just wanted to share the cute pics of my son playing with tools and my dad.  Makes my heart happy.

The future site of our dishwasher!

I'm super excited to get a dishwasher, and am patiently waiting for it to make its way from my parents back patio (it's their old one which is awesome because that means FREE), and into my kitchen.  However we have to run pipes, and cut out a cabinet first.  Also my dad is doing this project, and he has his own jobs to do that pay as well.  Eventually...



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