Wednesday, October 31, 2012

31 Days of Creating Purpose In Your Home

Welcome to my 31 Days to Create Purpose in your home!  During the month of October, I am posting every day about creating purpose in your home and joining all of these bloggers who are also posting for 31 days on a topic of their choice.  I would love for you to follow me, and check out all of the other posts in the series and the introduction to it here.


Today is the last day, and I thought it would be fun to do a wrap-up post and re-share some of the more popular posts, as well as leave you with a few parting words of wisdom for this series.  It has been a wonderful challenge, and I have enjoyed posting on the same topic for the whole month, but I am excited to get back into my normal, less rigorous blogging schedule.  Here are some things I want you to take away with you from the last month

1. Keep Your Family First

Above everything that we do to make purpose for our homes, we are doing it for our family.  Don't let them get lost in it.

2. Figure Out What You Want and How to Make it Work

We all want different things for our home, you want to figure out what it is that you want, and then how to make it happen.  While it is easier said than done, we can all make it happen

3. Keep Going

No one is perfect, we are all in process, keep trying and working hard to get to where you want to be.  Doing something, is always better than nothing!




  1. Speaking of marathons I just marathon read all of your posts for October. I know the purpose is to read it more slowly and meditate on the questions you posed and contemplate how our homes could be improved if we sat down and really took a good hard look at how things are going but since it is November 2nd I decided to throw caution to the wind and read them all at once. That being said I think that this was beautifully put together and that I am inspired to take a look around my home and make some serious changes. I will refer back to your suggestions and make them my own. I am so impressed with how thoughtful this entire blog series was. I can't wait to continue to follow along and share my experiences and feed back with you. I am very much looking forward to reading what is coming up next.

    1. I will think of a name later,

      Thank you for all your wonderful comments! I truly hope that you enjoy reading my blog and will get something out of it. I love hearing from my readers.

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