Monday, October 1, 2012

Creating Purpose in Your Home: A 31 Day Challenge

1st dear readers, I owe you an apology.  I knew that last week was going to be crazy, so I wrote some posts ahead and thought I had scheduled them.  However, I just discovered last night that I had left them all as drafts!  I am so sorry to leave you hanging.  I will have to share those posts with you at a later time, because this month I am going to be joining the Nester in writing for the whole month of October about one particular topic.  It sounds like a fun challenge and I am excited to share my heart with you on something I am passionate about for the next 31 days.  I will be blogging about creating purpose in your home.  I'm so excited! This is going to be a huge stretch for me to blog EVERY day, so I would love some encouragement and support (*cough* comments *cough*) from you all.  Here is preview of a few of the things we will be discussing this month.

Purpose for our homes, what is it and why does it matter
Creating a plan for purpose
My personal purpose
ways to create purpose in your life; personal, family and home
cultivating a passion
Stuff (seriously, I'm planning a post entitled stuff)

For now I will leave you with a question.  Does your home and life have a purpose?  If so, what and how does it happen in every day life?



Here is a link to each day, please note the link will go live on each day as I try to schedule ahead:
Day 1: Creating Purpose in Your Home: A 31 Day Challenge
Day 2: What is Purpose?
Day 3: What is Home?
Day 4: Step 1: Evaluate the Now
Day 5: My Evaluation
Day 6: Step 2: Begin with the End in Mind
Day 7: Gather Inspiration 
Day 8: Pray
Day 9: Know What You DON'T Want
Day 10: Make Sure Everyone Is On The Same Page
Day 11: The Five F's Of My Home
Day 12: Step 3: Create A Statement
Day 13: My Purpose Statement
Day 14: Step 4: Design A Way To Get It Done
Day 15: A Foundation of Faith (me)
Day 16: A Foundation of Faith (our family)
Day 17: Our Fortress is Safe
Day 18: Our Fortress is Stress Free: An Early Start
Day 19: Our Fortress is Stress Free: A Plan
Day 20: Functional (Organized)
Day 21: Functional (Management)
Day 22: Guest Friendly (clean)
Day 23: Guest Friendly (welcoming)
Day 24: Kid Friendly
Day 25: Creating Memories: Traditions
Day 26: Slipping up is ok
Day 27: Guest Post: A Hubby's Prospective 
Day 28: Motivation When Things Get Hard
Day 29: Routines
Day 30: Tips For Staying On Track
Day 31: Wrap Up

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  1. I love the idea of making a house into a home and am excited to read along for new perspective! :)