Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Guest Friendly (welcoming)

Welcome to my 31 Days to Create Purpose in your home!  During the month of October, I am posting every day about creating purpose in your home and joining all of these bloggers who are also posting for 31 days on a topic of their choice.  I would love for you to follow me, and check out all of the other posts in the series and the introduction to it here.


What do people think/feel when they walk into your home?  First impressions matter, make sure that what they see first is something that will make them feel comfortable and not running for the door.
Make sure that your home is welcoming to others, here are a few tips for when having others over, aside from it being clean.

1. Food and Drinks

Always have yummy and time appropriate snacks and beverages for your guests.  Don't serve muffins after dinner or cupcakes before lunch.

2. Make it inviting and comfortable

I'm not saying your home has to look strait out of pottery barn, but try to make sure it is something that will allow others to feel welcome.  Also, beanbags are cool in college and for under, but not for grown ups.  Ditch the bean bags and invest in a nice sectional, or couches.

3. Put the guests first

Ofter them food/drink first, allow them to choose their seats.  It makes them feel more at ease, and shows that you value them.



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