Friday, October 5, 2012

My Evaluation

Welcome to my 31 Days to Create Purpose in your home!  During the month of October, I am posting every day about creating purpose in your home and joining all of these bloggers who are also posting for 31 days on a topic of their choice.  I would love for you to follow me, and check out all of the other posts in the series and the introduction to it here.


Yesterday, I used the map analogy to talk about bearings on a map.  You need to know where you are starting, to figure out where you are going.  Looking at where you are and where you have been will also help you see where you want to go.  I am going to be brutally honest, so please don't judge me to harshly.  Please remember that I am just like you, a flawed human trying to make my way in the world.  Also please remember that this blog is called Homemaking Challenged, as in I AM homemaking challenged.  Ok, enough explaining/excuse making, on to my evaluation of where I am now.

It is an old house awaiting a fresh facelift.  Still not fully unpacked/decorated from our move.  Mostly picked up, and clean-ish.  We have little kids (and this is CLEARLY evident), like movies, and have no design or decor really to speak of.

Overall physically, it's not really my favorite.  We still have all hand-me down furniture (which we are extremely grateful for) that doesn't particularly match.  While some of the pieces are nice, and some are sentimental, it doesn't work to create unity, in any room.

We just moved and have lots of work to do, but even before we moved, it was never fully "put together".  While it is a a far cry from where we started, it is still in lots of need of some help design wise.

There is laughter in my home, which I'm hoping out numbers the tantrums my nearly 2 year old has.  It is warm and happy.  It is also stressful and overwhelming.  My husband nor myself have any defined space.  Our room is still "box storage" until we can finish building some more shelves, and buy some book shelves.  My son has and loves his bed, and will soon be sharing the room with his sister, as soon as she is sleeping through the night.  While our home is far from perfect (and need LOTS of work), people are always welcome, our family overall is happy.

When it comes to me being the "homemaker" I am severely challenged.  When people are coming over, I am cleaning like a mad woman, and super stressed out (I HATE this feeling).  It makes me not a happy camper, and that transfers to my family.  Dishes get left undone, I get lazy about dinner and it doesn't make my family happy.  Major fails on my part, but this is an HONEST evaluation.

My home is semi-organized.  It needs more work.  It is mostly functionally organized, (kitchen has a good flow, things have spots that make sense) however it doesn't really look pretty.  My bills get paid on time, however how I do it need work.  I generally can find things (so long as my toddler doesn't hide it).  I don't feel as if I spend enough time working on the daily tasks, so that I don't spend my whole day off playing catch up.  My husband feels like he "doesn't know where anything goes" which means he feels like he can't help clean up things.  I don't know if that speaks to men in general, my particular husband or my organizing/managing of the home.  Currently we have absolutely NO extra money to put towards fixing up our home, decorating it or anything of that nature.

Both hubby and I split up all of our home stuff.  Hubby and I split the cooking, I do most of the cleaning, we split the baby/kid duties, he does the trash taking out, I do all of the money management.  This currently works for us, whoever works less in the week (as our hours can flex) tries to put a bit more in at home.

Overall, I am Homemaking Challenged, but we already knew that.  However I know the many areas that I want to change.  I challenge you to evaluate how your home is running, looks and feels.  Knowing where you start can be a huge help in knowing where to start when you are creating purpose in your home.



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  1. I love The Office & knew that about Pam/Jim! I'm thinking we have lot in common too! Like our names, for example! I'm Ashley too! Lol Where in the US are you guys? We're in Oklahoma. How old are your kids? Mine are 25 months & 11 months. :)

    I like the idea of evaluating your home. My husband and I have been here lately because we're hitting the 3.5 year mark for living here and like you still have hand-me-down furniture too! We're trying to decide how and where to improve also on a limited budget!

    Oh and that's great you could leave the baby with your MIL! My in-laws are planning on going with us next trip and I'm so excited to have date nights at WDW!