Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Five "F's" For My Home

Welcome to my 31 Days to Create Purpose in your home!  During the month of October, I am posting every day about creating purpose in your home and joining all of these bloggers who are also posting for 31 days on a topic of their choice.  I would love for you to follow me, and check out all of the other posts in the series and the introduction to it here.
Now that you have figured out exactly what you don't want, make sure that you know what you do.  Remember, we are Beginning with the End in Mind right now.  After thinking, praying and knowing that our home needs to have a better purpose, I came up with five key words that I want my home to be founded on, I call them the 5 F's.  


Friendly (Kid & Guest)




Looking at the way my current home is, I know that it is far from functional which is causing stress, and friction (things I don't want).  If I create better function in my home, those things will slowly disappear.  Currently, whenever people are coming over, it is a MAD and CRAZY dash to get everything done and put together, cleaned and presentable for them.  I hate that.  I also don't want everything so clean and neat that it doesn't look like kids exist.  So we know that our home needs to be Kid and Guest Friendly at all times.  I hate stuffy model homes.  Sure they look beautiful, but no one must ever have any fun there.  Our home should be a place fun exists daily.  Faith, is central to our family and should be central to our home as well, this is simple and strait forward yet hard sometimes to put into place (more on that later).  Finally a Fortress.  This may seem like an odd word to describe your home but it is my favorite.  To me it means, safety, a place where you feel totally settled and at peace.  No matter what is going on in the rest of the world, your home is your own domain, a place you can be yourself removed from the rest of the world.  It can stand up against all of the negative that life slings your way.  I think there is a reason that there is that "king of his castle" saying.  

What words do you want to describe your home?  They really don't have to start with the same letter, mine just did.  Once we figure this out, we are well on our way to creating our purpose and making it part of our home.



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