Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My sicky boy

So my newly turned 2 year old "big boy" (as I can hardly call him my baby boy any more, though as every mom knows, he will ALWAYS be my baby boy, even when he is old and wrinkly) is sick.  He most likely got some nasty bug, the poor thing.  So things have been a little crazy and hectic around these parts the last few days, as there have been many sleepless nights and schedule juggling to take care of the poor sicky.  He was so delirious and sleepy after waking up way to early Tuesday morning, he put himself back to sleep, like this:

He totally passed out standing and leaning on his bed.  The poor thing!  He also passed out a few other odd places, playing with straws.

Hopefully he will be back on is feet in no time, we miss our happy, crazy boy.



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