Friday, November 16, 2012

Photo's in our family

Taking pictures of our little family, is very challenging.  I have been looking for a decent one, (to display in our home as we have no pictures up currently) and well other than the one of us in our halloween costumes, it doesn't exist.  We have cute pictures of the kids, but we have cute kids so that makes it pretty easy.

My husband really doesn't like getting his photo taken.  Which usually means we end up with photos of him making faces like these:

The classic eye roll
 The glare

While my kids are adorable, the are wigglers, and not always easy to get the best picture of, also my toddler always like to try and grab my camera.

I guess we just have real life pictures around these parts.  Any one else feel the same way some times?




  1. LOL, that's okay, at least he allowed his photo taken on that day, Ashley. :) Your kids look so cute, especially the one in the last picture! Well, it would be better if you have posted a picture of the whole family. May I ask if you have ever thought of framing them? If not, then I suggest you do, then hang them on the walls of your house.

    Isabelle Galindo

    1. Thanks! I do have cute kids (although I know I am biased)! I do have pictures to hang, but I would much rather post a "nicer" picture of which I have very few of. The only somewhat decent picture I have of our whole family is the one from Halloween. That is partially what prompted this post, I was trying to find some good pictures to put up, and I realized they are few and far between.