Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My Word for 2013

In the past I have chosen a word for the year.  It has been something I want to focus on, a rhythm or direction for the year.  I haven't done it in a few years, and just a few short weeks into this year, I have had a word that has been impressed in me that I can't shake, so I have decided to make it my word and goal this year.


As I shared in my goal's for this year post, I wanted to engage in life.  Since writing that goal, that word has permeated my heart.  I need to be more engaged in my life, more intentional about the way I spend my time and how and when I do things.  This year I am going to engage life, take it head on and be distracted by meaningless things less.  I'm excited!  Do you have a word that you want to take on this year?  I'd love to know what it is, please share in the comments!



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