Thursday, January 17, 2013

Project 13

In close relation to my goal for this year, as well as my word.  I have decided to dub this year's goals/growth as Project 13.  Since it is 2013, I am going to come up with 13 things to help me engage in life and succeed in my goals.

   3 Daily Habits
+ 5 DYI Projects
+ 5 People          
 13 Projects to help me engage in life this year

My 3 habits that I will be working on are:
1. Daily Time with God
2. Daily Dishes
3. Daily Grace (I will post more on this later)

I have several DIY projects I have been eyeing on Pintrest, some big, some small.  I am not going to commit to any as of yet, as it greatly depends on our budget, but I am going to do at least 5 DYI's this year!

I know who my 5 people are, however I am not going to share with you who they are (because some of them may better read this blog).  Let's just say I am going to pick 5 people and pray for them and attempt to spend more time connecting with them this year.

I'm really excited to have a project and an action plan to help me succeed in my goals for this year.  How are you doing on your long term goals?  Do you have an action plan or a specific way to achieve them?



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