Thursday, February 21, 2013

A beautiful sight

For those of you who have had been enjoying your kitchens with a dishwasher, I would like to show you a beautiful (in my eyes) sight.  Behold, the last regular dishes I will have to wash by hand in the foreseeable future...  

 ... and meet my new best friend.

For those of you who are fb fans, and guessed dishwasher, you were correct!   I am so excited about this.  The amount of dishes this family of four generates is absolutely unbelievable.  I will have the FULL report soon, but I have multiple pictures to edit as this was our first BIG DYI project and I got a tad camera happy.  I can honestly say that this will make one of the habits I am working on this year, of daily dishes much, much easier.  For those of you who have been enjoying a dishwasher, remember what a blessing it is.  Also, if you happen to be at my house and catch me kissing it, please forgive me.



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