Thursday, February 7, 2013


Crazy, Crazy, Life!

Doesn't it always happen that when things get crazy, you start to drop a few of the balls you are juggling.

Things have been very hectic in our home recently.

I got a text the other day from a friend bugging me about updating my blog, at least there are people who read it and care.  I will give you a brief overview and over the next few days I will be playing some catch up on the blog.

I have upped my mystery shopping and I'm not doing 8-10 shops per month.  With my hubby currently being a "trophy husband" as he likes to call it, (I prefer stay-at-home-dad or Mr. gets-to-stay-home-and-play-videogames-all-day-while-he-keeps-an-eye-on-the-kids-but-doesn't-do-any-cleaning-or-dishes) As his work being far more miss than hit, I have been desperately finding other avenues of income.  I am slowly figuring out how to write up detailed reports quickly, but it is taking some time.  (Counting a mystery shop and report I worked 12.5 hours yesterday).

My son is POTTY TRAINED!  It is super exciting.  Yesterday was our 1st day 100% accident free (including nap time).  While we are in pull-ups overnight, we proudly wear our big boy underwear now.  It has been an exhausting few weeks making this happen, but I'm so excited that we are back down to a 1 baby in diaper household.

 Oh ya, but the tantrums are going to be the death of me.  This is my sweet boy last week, on the floor throwing a tantrum at the DMV.  Where I missed my number being called because we were in the bathroom going potty.  Word to the wise, don't take a potty training 2 year old and a 7month old to the DMV.  Doesn't matter how many activities you bring, they will only want to do the things they can't.

Last week I was down for the count.  I somehow managed to pul a muscle in my back, and was in pain all week.  I used heat wraps and rested every chance I got, but I greatly fell behind in nearly all of my weekly tasks.

Hubby has worked 1 1/2 day last week and then again this week.  It looks like there may be a big project on the horizon which would mean full time hours again.  That would be a HUGE blessing, but also present the challenge of childcare.

Our taxes got rejected by the IRS, because the same SS# I have filed as our sons for the past 2 years with out a problem, all of the sudden doesn't match their records (obviously we must have changed it right?).  It is going to be a long path to fix.  I tried calling the SS office yesterday spent nearly an hour on hold before I was hung up on.  I can't file our taxes until this gets fixed, and we really were hoping to get our refund sooner than later.

Baby girl turns 8 months today.  Can't believe how fast the time is going!

Just some of the fun things we are doing right now, in our life.  Sorry for the chaotic post right now, but that is our life.  Chaotic.



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