Friday, February 22, 2013

The Power of Dawn and Vinegar

After having seen MANY, MANY pin's on Pinterst about the magic power of Dawn and Vinegar as a bathroom cleaner, I HAD to try it for myself, and I new just the place to do it.  Remember, we don't judged here on before pictures!

Behold the horrible before

And the glorious after

Is this not amazing?

 It is simple:
1 part Dawn
1 part Vinegar

Just mix, apply, wait a few minutes, clean, rinse and voila!  A fabulously cleaned shower!  Simple, effective and cheaper than any other cleaner I know that works THIS WELL!  I am sold!  Have you tried it yet?  I'd love to hear about your results!




  1. I use it too and LOVE it! We actually just fixed a shower that had been out of commission in our house 10 months and the tub had filled with mold. I went at it with a green cleaner and an intensive cleaner first knowing I loved Dawn/vinegar and the only thing that worked in the end? Dawn/vinegar. The only stuff barely made a dent in the mold. Crazy, huh?

    1. It is crazy! I can't believe that people will spend so much money on chemical cleaners that don't do as good as a job! I love this combo so much!

  2. Hello, is dawn dish washing Liquid or washing powder?? I'm from Australia & im not quite sure I've seen this product. 😊


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