Friday, March 1, 2013

Week 9 of 52 Weeks To Become Less Homemaking Challenged

Each Saturday this year, I will be posting a weekly habit.  During my 31 day's series, I talked about a lot of theoretical and how to create purpose in your home.  It was about you figuring things out, making goals, and knowing why you are doing the work, now it is time to put them into action.  Each week I will add one new habit to help you become less homemaking challenged.  The objective of this?  By the end of the year, for us to have applied several of these habits in our daily/weekly routine and be less homemaking challenged by the end of the year!

#9 Purge

Today is the first day of March, and Spring cleaning will soon be here.  A huge way to help you out in your home is by purging and getting rid of things that you no longer use or need.  this is a huge help in keeping your home clean (less stuff = less clutter) and it also helps you find what you actually use easily.  This one is SOOOO hard for me.  I'm serious!  It is REALLY HARD.  I am a saver, and I love saving things and using them later.  It is so hard for me to get rid of things I "might need", especially when money is tight.  Here are some simple rules I use for getting rid of things.

1) When did I use it last?  (anything over a year will most likely go)
2) How much does it cost to replace? (anything that is expensive or a pain to replace I keep)
3) Do I have duplicates or something that serves the same purpose? (get rid of one)
4) Is it something I can't live without?
5) Does it hold sentimental value? (some of these items you can just take pictures of, others you may need to keep)

It can be hard to toss, but the results are so worth it!!!  It will make your home easier to maintain help you be less Homemaking Challenged!



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