Sunday, July 28, 2013


Several weeks ago, we got rid of this horrible desert tree/weed.  And cleared out the flower bed so that we could have flowers!  I was SUPER excited because I have always wanted to have pretty flowers in my front yard!

On the 1st Saturday of the month we went to Home Depot and to my son's delight discovered that they do a FREE craft project on the 1st Saturday of every month and you get special "treats" afterwards, plus a cool apron.  Lets just say, my son was a FAN.  We can no longer go there with out him trying to do a project or look at the flowers.  He was a big helper in picking out the flowers though!

We purchased and loaded up some soil and pretty flowers that would be able to survive full sun in the heat of the day here in the desert.

I started with basically what looked like a sand box...

Put out the soil and planted the pretty flowers.

 I got really messy in the process.
However, several weeks later... check out the amazing results!  They look amazing and bring a smile to my face every time I come home.

I think I'm actually going to try my green thumb at some vegetables soon!  It also helps to have some free (and cute) labor in the watering department.



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