Wednesday, July 24, 2013

New fan in the Kid's Room

With summer here if full swing and temperatures passing 110 here in the desert, we (ok, hubby did all the work and I took pictures) installed a celling fan in the kids room to help keep them cool.

They were on sale at Home Depot several weeks back, and we snagged one for a good price.  We let it run for the kids at night so they stay cool.  Our son INSISTS on sleeping with his "comfy" (comforter) on him at all times.  Even when it is still 99+ outside when he goes to bed.  This fan has helped my little cuddle buddy stay cooler and no wake up in a pool of sweat every morning.

My hubby is such a hard worker!  Love that he does these projects for me with out (too much) complaining.  If you live in a hot place, even if you have an ac a ceiling fan like this one, can make ALL the difference in the world.  Stay cool everyone!



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