Friday, July 26, 2013

Outside clean up

We had a bad wind storm and the side of our front area picked up tons of stray debris.  Also some weeds had been pooping up that we wanted to take care of.

 I went to work on the side, while hubby tacked this desert tree, that is more like and INSANE weed.
 It had grown a good 3 feet the last few months and had to go.
 Digging out the roots turned out to be a problem, so we did the best we could.

We hacked it down to a nub, then sprayed some weed killer on it and let it dry out in the sun for a week.

Then we coved it up.  Probably not the "right way" to do it, but easy and so far effective!

At least the side cleaned up nice!

Next project: FLOWERS in the bed!!!  :)



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