Thursday, August 8, 2013

New Craft Armoire

When we first moved in to our first home (over 1 year ago), we were so thankful to get several pieces of hand-me-down furniture.  One was this wonderful armoire.

I had seen many ideas on pintrest about how to use it, (doll house, gift wrapping station, hidden desk etc) however I knew that it was going to be my craft storage.  I love crafting but my previous storage system (a huge boxes) made taking things in and out a pain, and ate into my crafting time.  My solution is a crafting armoire!

I am planing on eventually painting this, and doing some more organizing prettifying (yes that is a real word), however, this is perfect for now, until I am able to paint and make it "pretty" I settled for functional, not perfect.  I am so glad I did.

Here is my before picture (remember we don't judge here!)

Here is the after:

Now, on top shelf on the inside holds my cricut cutter, and cartridges, as well as some spray paint.  The second shelf holds my sewing machine and box, as well as a bag for my "current project"  This way whatever I'm working on, I can toss fold neatly and store away if I have to stop for a week hour or two.

 This is my most favorite part, it is where I hang my cricut mats, on a command hook on the inside door of the dresser!  Before, they would always get squished, and now they stay nice and flat.

I cut up old boxes to make sections and organize the draws.

The first one holds general crafting supplies (glue, paint, ribbon etc)

The second one holds my scrap booking supplies

The third my fabric and patterns

Prior to this project, my crafting stuff was all shoved into boxes, and it was such a pain to get it out and put it away, it took the joy and fun out of crafting.  Now with easy access, I am so excited to get moving on my long list of projects!

Eventually I'd like to paint/re-stain the armoire, but for now transforming it into a craft storage that is functional and free is a big enough win for me.

What have you been organizing lately?

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