Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Big Clean Out Project: The Medicine Box

Well here is my second project I completed this month for the Big Clean Out Project.  I have actually at this point completed all four projects!  I'm really excited about that because all I have left to do is edit them and actually create the posts.  (I'm not a procrastinator at all with only 3 days left in the month!)  

With out further ado, organizing the medicine box.

In a cabinet in the kitchen there once lived a sad little clear box.

The box was full of useful and important things to make the family feel better.

 Whenever the family needed something they rummaged in the box, and soon it was in complete disarray.  (Seriously look at that bandaid explosion)

One day the box was cleaned out and sorted, and oh the "treasures" that it held to be found.  The contents were sorted by type, wound care, tummy, sinus and aches and pains.

There were also several "treasures" that were well past an expiration date, that went into the trash bin

All the band-aids were rounded up and put in a baggie with some polysporin (we use this instead of Neosporin because I'm allergic to Neosporin) and ready for action.

A box was cut and separate spaces created for each category

Then back neatly into the box everything went and now with easy things are found when they are needed.

 Back in the cabinet the clear box went, happy not sad and ready to help.

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  1. Great way to organized your medicine by using such a creative pill box