Sunday, August 25, 2013

Writing About Faith

I have purposefully  stopped myself from writing too much about my faith here, but I haven't completely avoided it, in posts like this one.  When I rebranded this blog, I shared that I was going to be adding more types of posts here.  Some of them will be about motherhood, some of them will be about my attempts in decorating (I don't have a single decorating gene in my body), some will be about my faith.  As I shared during my 31 days series, faith is central in our home.  It really is.  It is also central in my life.

Since it is something that is central in my life and my home, I am doing my readers a disservice to try and limit or filter it. I have wrestled with this for a long time.  I want this to be a place where everyone can feel comfortable, where anyone can get something out of it, regardless of their belief system.  That is still my desire, but my blog is going to start to change.  I can not tell you the number of times I have filtered, and stifled what I truly wanted to say, how many posts I have deleted or left as permanent drafts that honestly, I wanted to share.  If this is not a place where I can share my heart, then I am not comfortable.

I know that some of my readers do not have a religion, or faith and some are pretty against it.  I don't want you to stop coming here.  I am not going to start sharing these things to exclude you.  Please know that there will still be good content aside from my faith based posts for you.  Know that while I would hope you could still hear my heart and read those posts, you have my full permission to skip over it.

I am going to try and seek a good balance with my posting.  It will be a struggle and it will take me some time, so please be patient with me as I strive to truly share my heart with you on all things that are dear to me.  I just can no longer share my homemaking struggles (and few successes) with you without sharing my faith struggles and successes with you.  I know that this will be a shift in my blog.  I am going to try to have many of the things faith related that I post will have some sort of tie-in to the home, but not all will.  I have realized that the home starts with the homemaker, and their own well being.  If they are in chaos, the home will feel chaotic, if they are happy, the home will be also.  They are the power source and the light of the home.  As a homemaker is, so goes the home.

Faith can always be a touchy subject, not everyone has the same belief, or agrees with others.  I will not apologize if my posts offends you because you disagree, I will ALWAYS try and state things in a loving and respectful manner.  Know that I am always open to conversations with you all via email.  Feel free to say anything to me via email.  You also can always comment.  I just ask that your comments be kind, and something that builds conversation, or community.  It is ok to respectfully disagree, it is ok to go back and forth, but please know if it gets ugly, I will delete comments.

All this to say, I am excited to start truly sharing things that are on my heart with you.  It is a part of my life that you can not separate (even though I have tried to keep it off of the blog as much as possible).  I am still growing and changing.  Some of the things I never thought I would be ok with, I am now endorsing, or even participating in.  As relationships grow, they change, they get deeper, you become a better person.  I am being stretched and challenged to grow in many areas right now.  I think that is one of the amazing things about following Jesus.  While he never changes, you constantly are working to become more like him and because no one person is the same, the journey and path are different for everyone.

I just wanted to give you all a head's up about this direction of the blog, so that some posts I am working on don't seem as if they are out of the blue.  Thanks for sticking around and reading this long crazy post!

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