Thursday, September 12, 2013

This Summer A Phone Photo Dump of Summer Photos of my 2 cuties!

This summer whats hot here, but we still had a great time!

June kicked off with VBS.  This year we did a special preschool program so Max got to participate, He LOVED it!!!

We had to buy a new (to us) car due to my husband's new job (PRAISE THE LORD he is working!), and his old car dying.  

Rori learned how to feed herself, this was one of her 1st attempts.

We actually planted flowers!

We took Max to his 1st "big boy" movie and he LOVED it!

Max and his fried had fun with the hose in our backyard.

We went to this local place called Kid's Party Central (think pump it up) and Max had a blast!

 The kids spent a ton of time playing together "nicely"

Max learned how to water flowers (and not his sister)

 He has found a new love of watching the garbage truck each week (his beanie is required for this activity, he refuses to go out and watch the truck with out it)


We escaped the Desert heat to join my parents at the beach.  The kids LOVED it!

 Max calls the ocean the "big pool"  I guess that makes sense in his 2 year old eyes.

Popsicles with grandpa

Park with Grandpa (I promise they are having TONS OF FUN)

We even made it to the OC fair for a few hours, and Max got to enjoy the petting zoo

His 1st pony ride, he LOVED it so much!

Cotton candy with Grandpa

We also had to play mostly indoors this summer because of the heat.

It lead to some "creative play"

Rori discovered that she is now tall enough to reach the light switches which is trouble for mommy!

We also got to go visit Matt's family, and his sister gave the kids these cute shirts!

Grandma also took us for ice-cream!  My kids absolutely hated it...can't you tell?

Max also got to enjoy a freak desert rain storm where it POURED.  We had TONS of fun!  Rori was sleeping and misses most of it.

This little girl has decided she HAS to wear dresses.  This one is currently her favorite.  I totally lucked out with a girly girl!  Can't wait until her hair grows a bit more so that I can do some fun things with it!

As you can see we had a really fun summer.  I am so thankful for that!  I got to spend tons of time with my kids, and enjoy several of the things that happen in a typical summer.  It is odd to think that summer is now over (it is going to be over 105 here this weekend still), but we thankfully can still have a few more weeks of swimming in Grandma and Grandpa's pool, before it ends for us here.

I hope that you had a fantastic summer and I want you to know that as soon as I get unburied from my desk at work...

...there will be more posts.

I have two new recipes to share with you this month, and I'm working on a series for next month.  Fall launch is just a crazy time at work for me.  I'm launching a Mom's Group, Awana (with new curriculum for the Cubbies), a new curriculum and branding for Elementary ministry, as well as planing a REALLY exciting even for October.  *sigh.  It has been a crazy ride these last few weeks.  I am really excited to share more with you all about life.  Our home is currently a mini disaster area, I got home after 9pm last night and couldn't touch it.  Hopefully this weekend.  I'm planning that Friday will be my catch up day!  Warning - that may mean catching up on sleep.  I could use some of that right now.

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