Friday, October 11, 2013

Day 11: Limitations

For the month of October, I am joining TONS of other bloggers by linking up with The Nester for 31 day blogging challenge where we post about one topic each day for the whole month.  After lots of consideration, I have chosen to take a journey through this book31 Days to Clean: Having a Martha Home the Mary Way, by Sarah Mae.  Check out more information about the book from my 1st post here, and see my intro post with the links to the entire series here.

Where are you in your life?  What are your limitations?  I feel as if I am constantly being stretched to the breaking point.  I feel exhausted.  I set my alarm early with all the best of intentions, but a baby wakes, I can't sleep, or I don't get to bed on time, trying to do it all.  We are human, we have limits, we have flaws.  We aren't perfect, we are fallen, we can't be everything to everyone, we can be given grace.  God gives us grace, we must give grace to ourselves.  I wrote about grace awhile back here.  It is such a good reminder.  We have to give ourselves grace in our homes, in our failures, and in our relationships.  We need to give ourselves the grace that God gives us, and look at each morning as  fresh start to do the best we can with what we have.

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Where do you need to give yourself grace in your life today?


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    1. Thanks! It is the wall next to my 15 month old's high chair. I've been ignoring it for far to long.